Photo Challenge: State of Mind

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

Yinyang. yīnyáng.  (Chinese Philosophy) Opposite forces that complement each other and can’t exist without the other.

Yin is the dark side with the light dot. It symbolizes earth, femininity, darkness, passivity, and diffusion.

Yang is the light side with the dark dot. It symbolizes heaven, masculinity, light, activity and solidity.

As it relates to the human body, good health is directly related to to the balance between yin and yang qualities within oneself. Being unbalanced equates to a deficiency, while being balanced equates to harmony.

I’d like to think that in this moment I felt a good balance of yin and yang. At least I was feeling pretty “harmonious” because yesterday was my birthday and I got to dip delicious fruits and cakes into dark and white chocolate yin-yang fondue! To take it a step further, I’m a firm believer in the balance and coexistence of white and dark chocolate, strawberries and chocolate, bananas and chocolate, etc.

20160302_200513 ps

Chocolate fondue, yin-yang style


Hope you all find your inner harmony!

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