Cap City Views

The past few weeks have been pretty busy, mainly due to our recent move. Kevin and I finally settled into our own place. While I’m definitely a proponent of using AirBnB (as we did the last couple months during this transitional phase back to DC), it feels really good to have our own space and use all my “stuff” again. I haven’t seen my furniture or a lot of clothes since before going to Korea. It’s like I went shopping for free because all of a sudden my closet has expanded in size!

I’m pretty in love with our new apartment and one of the best features is our large balcony. Now that spring is here (it doesn’t feel like it today but we’ve had a lot of enjoyable 70-degree weather lately), we’ll have to get some outdoor furniture to really take advantage of the upcoming warmth! I foresee a lot of time spent on the balcony, especially with views like this…


IMG_9278-2 lo res

Sunrise over the Capitol


Thanks to Daylight Savings time, I’ve been able to see the sunrise everyday as I get ready for work. I figured I better get the tripod out and snap some photos before the sun starts coming up too early! 🙂


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