Luray Caverns

Memorial Day weekend we paid a visit to Luray Caverns, “the largest and most popular caverns in eastern America.” That is no understatement! For anyone with an interest in geology, this place is heaven.

The caverns were quite incredible. My two favorite highlights were Dream Lake, the largest body of water in the caverns that crisply reflects all the stalactites hanging above, and the stalacpipe organ, the world’s largest musical instrument that plays by gently tapping the surrounding stalactites, thus creating musical notes.

Below are some photos from our visit. It’s really hard to capture the true essence of Luray Caverns in two dimensions, but we can try!




PSA: If you’d like to visit Luray Caverns, you should! But I’d recommend not going Memorial Day weekend. It’s one of the busiest times of year and we had to wait about an hour and a half in line!

4 thoughts on “Luray Caverns

  1. Very nice post. Are these caverns in the Virginia or Kentucky? I have seen its photos and they are truly majestic. Memorial Day weekend is truly bust time. During that weekend, we went to Wind Caves National Park in South Dakota, and it’s a fasciating piece of geology. You must search for it and visit sometime. You will love it, I am sure.

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