About the 365 Project

The Daily Snap originated in 2014 as a 365 Project blog. When I started, I wanted to challenge myself and take 1 photo a day for a whole year. The goal was to improve my skill level and technical understanding of photography, with the added benefit of capturing a year of my life in photos.

The first year of the project, I designated a new weekly theme to help me focus-in on subject matter. I challenged myself to think outside the box and come up with creative images and interesting compositions; trying to find beauty in everyday surroundings. I am pleased with the final product even if I am not proud of every picture. I thoroughly enjoyed completing this project, but it wasn’t always easy. As the year progressed, I felt my stringent self-imposed guidelines became more restrictive than helpful. Additionally, at times I was overwhelmed with my busy schedule and felt I didn’t have the time to take quality images.  Regardless, completing the project was something that became more of a daily ritual to complete, but one that was a lot more fun than washing dishes or making the bed. Day 365 was very rewarding!

For 2015, I saw room for improvement and wanted to follow-through on that. It was time to let down my hair and be more relaxed in my blogging. I got rid of the weekly themes and instead focused on posting photos and content based on what my heart felt on any given day. I wanted to give my creative juices free reign to see where they took me. I’m glad I had fewer restrictions on myself as it made the Project more fun and a lot easier to complete. It remained a daily ritual like the year prior and I was able to capture some exciting experiences, like our time living and working in Korea. I can’t wait to look back on all these photos in X years’ time.

There are always zenith and nadir moments in life but we must embrace the journey! I’d highly recommend a 365 Project of your own if you are looking for a personal challenge and interesting retrospective.

All images © 2014-2016 The Daily Snap

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